The Taxi Cabaret
Conceived by Cara Reichel
Written by Peter Mills

presented by
Prospect Theater Company
at The Duplex Cabaret
Feb-March, 2000.


Allison Cimmet, Christopher Graves, Jason Mills, Katie O'Shaughnessey, Brian Rooney, Simone Zamore

Directed by Cara Reichel
Set Design by Jaime Vallés
Costume Design by David Kaley
Choreography by Marlo Hunter

Alison Cimmet as Karen

...Peter Mills, who provided the book, music, and lyrics to this revue, could win this year's Stephen Sondheim Successor Award in a walk.

The Village Voice

Mills's songs were so good, no, make that superlative, that the theme shone like new, and the silly title couldn't hide the freshest, most tuneful, heartfelt, and well-sung musical in ages. With luck, it will be remembered as an early talent explosion that led up to what will be, if there's any justice, a superlative career.


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