I thought this might be a good thing to do on the first day of the new year.   Or the worst possible thing to do.   Either way... This is my resolution, to get in the habit of musing.   If I can eat oatmeal every day, then surely I can set down a few thoughts in writing every day... or so.   In both cases it's all about staying regular.  

Back when I created a link to this page on my website, I fully intended to write regularly.   But then there was the problem of what would be appropriate to write here--a problem I still haven't really solved.   During the last eight weeks or so I've jotted down any number of topics that I thought might make for good musings. There was one that was gonna be all about TV commercials, including a comparison of the three different Optimum Triple-Play songs... an objection to the self-contradictory lyrics of the Alice Peacock song used for the Hershey's Bliss commercial... a lament that toilet paper commercials can't be more specific in their claims ("Poop sticks best to Cottonelle"... well, it's true.)  

While I was working on the HONOR CD I had a meditation about "mixing as metaphor."   I was thinking about all those ones and zeroes that would eventually be etched onto a CD as the final product of the work I was doing.   And I thought about all the myriad variables I could change around to try to affect the outcome and get the optimal mix.   And then I thought about human genetic code with all the A's and G's and T's and C's there in the chromosomes.   And then it seemed like maybe all we humans were individual tracks in some vast audio project that was being mixed by an unseen hand, with our levels constantly being brought up or down, our EQ adjusted, our signal processed in various ways... all in an effort to achieve that perfect mix of human society.   Or was the metaphor about just two people mixing their genetic code together to produce a child who represented some new, better arrangement of AGTTATGACCA?   Or was the metaphor about just one person trying to find balance among all the different aspects within himself?   I don't remember now.   But it was pretty heavy at the time when I thought of it... You would have been impressed.

Of course the best thing for me to write about would be thoughts flowing from and related to my current writing project, GOLDEN BOY OF THE BLUE RIDGE --a kind of creative journal that would help me formulate my own ideas about the show.   Back during the workshop I wanted to write a Musing inspired by the preface to Playboy of the Western World, where Synge writes "People have grown sick of the false joy of musical comedy."   I thought it was kind of ironic that here I was trying to make a musical out of this guy's play, and that's how he felt about musicals!   And then I would have gotten into, well what exactly is the "false joy" and how can I avoid trafficking in it so that Synge won't be rolling in his grave?   But I never got around to writing any of that because it seemed like really I should really be spending every waking moment just trying to write a few songs so that the actors would have something to perform for the workshop.

Today the obvious topic would be plans and goals for the year to come, and possibly some reflection on the year past.   And I want to get into that, but right now this is looking like a good length for a post.   So I'll leave it at that.   I feel rusty.   I will remember how to write these.   I will talk about things that matter.   I will recover from the flu and I will get my voice back.    


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