my next show

I am currently writing lyrics for a musical based on The Honeymooners.  It's a good fit for me: old-fashioned, conventional, broadly comic... the kind of thing I know I can do. It's also the first show I've worked on that I can imagine actually making it to Broadway.  We shall see...

But since I've been honeymooning for the better part of this year, I haven't really been able to work on any new Prospect show, which is unusual.  (I still count EVERGREEN as the new 2010 show--even though it opened in 2009-- so that I don't ruin my "one show per year, every year since 2000" streak.) The question is, will I be able to work on a new Prospect show during 2011?

I hope so.  I would like to have a project to balance The Honeymooners.  Where Honeymooners is big and commercially viable and the kind of material that comes more easily for me, the new show will be small, completely unmarketable, and most importantly, very different from the kind of things I've done.

The hardest thing for me, I think, would be to write something more serious, more earnest.  To ban wordplay and alliteration and fancy rhyming... all the superficial bits of cleverness that distract me from saying anything of substance.  

So I would like to begin with something to say.  I would like to reject most of the first ideas I have, because they will be too easy.  I would like to struggle, early on, because it's hard to break old habits and do something new.  And then eventually I would like to "find it" and start writing faster and faster and be deeply absorbed in it.  

I would like to write music and lyrics.  Because, I've often thought that the main area in which I can excel is at the nexus where words meet music.  While not being fantastic at either, I do have some feel for both... so that I think I can sometimes put them together more harmoniously than a separate composer and lyricist might.

I'd like for someone else to write the book.  

I would like to find five or six notes on the piano that make a chord no one has heard... and that would be the sound of this show, like a latterday Tristan chord.  I doubt any such combination could exist in this day and age.  But I will search...

Most of all, I would like to take a little more time developing the show and getting it right before putting it out into the world.  

There goes my one-show-per-year streak...

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