the kleban

They announced the Kleban today, on tax day.  Note to self:  don't spend it all... you will owe thousands more than usual this time next year.

I found out about it on April 2nd.  They thoughtfully waited to call until the day after April Fool's.  Needless to say, the news made my Good Friday very good.  But that was also the day Cara's father had his first heart attack... and three days later he died.  It's been a strange, bittersweet couple of weeks.

I wanted to see a list of past winners, and I discovered that this information is nowhere to be found online. Nevertheless, through painstaking Google searching, I have compiled here what I was able to find out from various press releases and bios.  I cannot promise that it's fully accurate...  Also, the award goes back further than 1996, but I can find nothing online about those ancient pre-Internet days.  

*Slashes indicate years that the prize was split.  

1996 Glenn Slater John Weidman
1997 Mark Waldrop ?
1998 Sarah Schlesinger  Luis Santeiro / Lissa Levin
1999 Michael John LaChiusa Kirsten Childs
2000 David Spencer / Jeff Marx & Bobby Lopez / Chad Beguelin / Marion Adler Stephen Cole
2001 Pat Cook / John Bucchino Charles Leipart
2002 Jason Robert Brown Lori McKelvey
2003 Nell Benjamin Susan DiLallo
2004 Laurence O’Keefe Julia Jordan
2005 David Javerbaum Cheryl Davis / Ken Stone
2006 Alison Hubbard / Robert Freedman & Stephen Lutvak Laurence Holzman & Felicia Needleman
2007 Joe Iconis Jeremy Desmon 
2008 David Lindsay-Abaire Laura Harrington / Bill Solly & Donald Ward
2009 Beth Falcone Kait Kerrigan
2010 Peter Mills Barry Wyner

Musings Past