march of progress... 3?

I finished Golden Boy today. The song, not the show. For the show I still have another five songs to write, so it'll be another week at least.


But it won't be more than another five weeks, because that's when we open. Things are coming along okay. Casting is almost done, and the people we have lined up so far are fantastic! It's gonna be a really interesting rehearsal process because the band will be involved from the outset. Our usual routine is to have written out orchestrations and just two or three rehearsals with the orchestra before opening. This time, since the band also plays supporting roles, they'll be around a lot longer, but there won't be any orchestrations for them -- just charts. Arrangements will evolve organically over the next five weeks, garage-band style. At least that's the theory...

Golden Boy the song turned out pretty well, I think. I had a close call though, when I'd foolishly included a rhyme of the title with the word "joy"... only to realize that that part of the song now sounded a bit like Taylor, The Latte Boy. No worries, I caught it in time and now the song is completely free of any attempts to rhyme "boy."

Next up on my list is a number that I'm calling, for lack of a better name, "Twice-Told Tale." The reason a better name is lacking is that it won't really be a song in the normal sense, with a chorus or a hook. It'll be more like bluegrass recitative. In any case, it's the part where Clay tells his story for the second time, only now it gets a little embellished for the sake of his audience. Should be fun. I have an idea for what it might sound like, based on some of the wilder bluegrass wailing I've been listening to.

This show is kind of like THE ROCKAE, because I listen to stuff and say "ooh, my show should have a song that sounds like that!" I have no anxiety of influence... My only anxiety is that I won't be influenced favorably enough.

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