number two

This morning I have a stabbing pain in the pit of my stomach. I know it's from holding it in yesterday.

It might seem like rehearsing at an apartment with a piano is a good way to save a little money on space, but there are some definite drawbacks. Number one among these is number two... when can you do it? When can you take a dump when you've scheduled 10 hours of continuous rehearsal, with a steady stream of friends coming through your apartment all day long? When is it a good time to disappear into the bathroom for 10 or 15 minutes and stank up the whole tiny apartment? Answer: never. There is no time. For ten hours there is no time when you can go. And let me tell you, with the type of stuff I take in these days, the need for getting it out can be fierce and urgent.

Fibrous... mmmm.

You know, in hindsight this might not be the best topic.

But my new rule is that I start typing and wherever it goes, that's a post. I'm getting it out there and I'm staying regular. I've always said that there are similarities between blogging and pooping. And as far as the analogy holds true, I guess it's better stanking things up once in a while rather than keeping it in and hurting your insides. Publish or perish!

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