"It's on the move!" Like Trinity says in the Matrix when she's trying to get the bug out of Neo's belly. I knew that all that phlegm from the chest cold I had at the beginning of this year had never made its exit. I knew it was still in there somewhere. This morning I woke up and it was glugging around in my ears.

Just when I'd mostly given up and learned to live with this thing, suddenly it's surfacing or re-locating or something. I'm not sure whether this means that it's almost over, or whether it's entering some new, more sinister phase.

I was thinking about that word "phlegmatic." It goes back to the days when they thought phlegm was one of the Four Humours in our bodies. (Yes, I just did my Wikipedia research.) Apparently all this phlegm makes me calm, unemotional... phlegmatic. I guess that's better than being filled with bile. But I still need to get my Humours back in balance.

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