the secret

It's been over a week since I last mused, and I've noticed an interesting correlation: during that week of no musing, I also had hardly any sheet music sales. So I went back and checked, and sure enough -- the opposite was true too: during this past month, I sold the most sheet music during the days that I posted here most often.

I thought about why this might be. I quickly ruled out the idea that people came here for the blogging and ended up buying sheet music. No, I think it has to do with Google...This is all pure speculation, and I can't back any of it up, but I think I once read that Google adjusts your "page rank" based on how fresh the content is. And page rank affects how likely you are to turn up as a search result. So during the time when I was posting stuff here more often, people were more likely to find me in a Google search.

So I've decided that a new strategy is called for. I need to post here as often as possible... even if I have nothing to say. So I apologize in advance. I can't wait until I have enough of a coherent thought to develop it into a tidy little 5 paragraph essay. I just have to put new stuff out there every day so that Google will smile upon me and sales go through the roof.

This all reminds me of that book "The Secret" that everyone is reading. Even though I've never read it, I think I know the gist of it second-hand. There's this Law Of Attraction, which says that whatever you give your attention to will grow and will be drawn into your life... and therefore you're supposed to actively focus your attention on positive things. You're supposed to have a Vision Board where you have images that will remind you of your dreams and goals, so that you can actively focus your attention on them and make them come true.

I don't know if The Secret works in real life. To me it seems like most of the things that I dwell upon and give my attention to are driven further away. But in the online world, at least, Google has made sure that The Secret will hold true. If I give my attention to this website, people are going to be drawn to it. So you can look forward to a tidbit or two posted here most days, while I eat my oatmeal. Oops, look at this -- I wrote another tidy little 5 paragraph essay. No more of that!

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