25 random things
  1. This is the first chain-letter type thing to which I've responded.   Ever.   Facebook, e-mail, postal... you name it, I've ignored it.   That might explain the many, many years of bad luck I've had.
  2. This is also the first Facebook note I've ever posted, though I have been known to write the occasional blog elsewhere.
  3. My nephews are cuter than your nephews... or nieces, or baby sons or daughters.
  4. During college I had jaw surgery to fix my misshapen head.   It didn't work.
  5. Growing up, I was an acolyte at our church.   One of the jobs was to light and snuff the altar candles, but I lost that job after I accidentally set fire to the kneelers.
  6. I once scored a film.   It is the only music of mine that you can find at a Barnes & Noble or the Virgin Megastore or on Amazon.
  7. The most well-known song of mine is the second song I ever wrote, written at the age of 18.
  8. I am one quarter Hungarian, which accounts for my hairiness.  
  9. Approximately half of all the calories I consume are used to grow hair.
  10. I am not a good liar because I have a tell:   I sniff.   Wait--I shouldn't tell you that, in case I ever need to lie to you.   I was kidding; I don't have a tell.   *sniff*
  11. The first computer I had was a TI-99/4A.   No floppy disks... cassette tapes, baby!  
  12. I am baking yams this very minute.   That is not a euphemism.
  13. I invented a solitaire game called "Faces and Aces."  
  14. I used to be able to solve a Rubik's Cube in one minute.   I could still probably solve one today... eventually.  
  15. I come from a family of lawyers and republicans
  16. I just consulted my iPod to see what my most listened to song is.   Leaving aside things of my own that I listen to a zillion times while mixing, the most-listened to real song is "The Smile On Your Face" by Alison Krauss... 54 times.
  17. I have been listening to Alison Krauss a lot because I'm working on a bluegrass musical.  
  18. I have only ever had one car in my life.   It was a light blue Honda Civic that I bought after college - used, with 100,000 miles on it.   When I moved to the city, it stayed at my parents' house until one day they got rid of it without telling me.
  19. I have only ever had one Cara in my life.
  20. I am aware that was cheesy.   Sorry.
  21. That car was one of the Seven C's:   the seven things that Cara liked about me back in those days.   I still have four of the seven C's.
  22. I have a folder on my hard drive called "Lists."   Filed there are items such as "The 48 Laws of Power"... "AFI's 100 Greatest Films"... "2-letter Scrabble Words"... "The 36 Dramatic Situations"  
  23. I have the same pants and jacket size as our new president.   He's one inch taller though.
  24. I've gained ten pounds this month.   On purpose.
  25. I had a really hard time coming up with 25 things to say about myself.

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