In Concert at the Kennedy Center
with Matt Cavenaugh & Kate Baldwin
February 8, 2010
Allison Seidner, cellist


01:45  "Let's Don't" The Pursuit Of Persephone
06:45 "Highway Miles" The Flood
11:45  "It's Amazing The Things That Float" The Flood
16:15 "Way Ahead Of My Time" The Taxi Cabaret
20:50 "Without A Word" The Alchemists
25:55 "Golden" The Alchemists
31:05 "Cautiously Optimistic" The Taxi Cabaret
38:00 "More To Me" Golden Boy of the Blue Ridge
42:20 "Golden Boy" Golden Boy of the Blue Ridge
48:00 "Down The Track" The Pursuit Of Persephone
51:45 "Patience" Illyria
56:30 "Breaking Up" Lonely Rhymes