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I still don't know where I belong,
But I know who I am and what I love.
And all the ways that I've gone wrong
I'm strong enough to rise above.
There's power in callin' it my own.
This path I'm on is mine and mine alone.

And I find myself somewhere west of where I been before,
With the road ahead spread out shinin' like the light from an open door.
I have many weary miles yet to go.
My salvation's far away I know.
But it's waitin'...

I was on my way somewhere west of where I been before,
When I found you here, met you halfway to the life that was still in store.
You remember how we dreamed that it could be.
We could have it if you come with me.
There's still time.
And there's room enough for you and me to begin again,
Somewhere west of where we been.

© 2009 by Peter Mills