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As a child, I dreamt about a golden boy,
A perfect prince who'd come along one day,
Set my heart to poundin',
Pluck me from my drab surroundin's,
And take me with him somewhere far away.

Other dreams were nothing to my golden boy.
What cared I about the boy next door.
I knew I'd never settle
For a common life of copper kettles,
'Cause I believed that I was meant for more.

"Golden boy," I'd whisper to him late at night
As I clutched my piller tight,
"Here's how I have it planned..."
"Golden boy, there's no one else I'd tell my secrets to.
There are things that only you would understand."

Time went by, and still there was no golden boy.
I had friends with families of their own.
And I began to wonder
Is it all a spell I've fallen under,
And am I doomed to spend my days alone?

Golden boy, I promised I would wait for you...
Is it too late for you?
How am I to know?
Golden boy, where are you? — Can it be you've come and gone?
Am I only holdin' on to the afterglow?
Oh, my golden boy...
Oh, my golden boy...
Oh, my golden boy, vessel of my hopes,
You know I love you so.
I love you with all my heart, but even so,
I gotta let you go.

Then one day, a stranger woke the child in me,
And foolish dreams came floodin' back so fast.
But I mustered my resistance,
Held my feelin's at a distance,
Because I knew the time for that had passed.
But could it be my golden boy has come at last?

© 2009 by Peter Mills