The Flood
by Peter Mills and Cara Reichel

presented by Prospect Theater Company
at the Flamboyan Theatre, New York City,
May 17-27, 2001.

Richard Todd Adams, Jennifer Blood, Kate Bradner, Lawrence Brustofski, Gavin Creel, Mary Mossberg, Joseph O'Brien, and Simone Zamore

William Brock, Sarah Corey, Tom Evans, Daniel Feyer, Leon Land Gersing, Carol Hickey, Tracy Kaufman, Erin Romero, JaimeVallés, Tony Vallés, Emily Whyte, Craig Wilson, Zach Wobensmith, and Maddy Wyatt

Directed by Cara Reichel
Musical Directed by Peter Mills
Set Design by Sarah Rosa
Lighting Design by Jiyoun Chang
Costume Design by David Kaley
Props Design by Katie Oman
Graphic Design by Jaime Vallés

Katherine West, Stage Manager
Tony Vallés, Production Manager
Melissa Huber, Managing Director

Mary Mossberg performs
"It's Amazing The Things That Float"

9/15/2007—New York Times feature story on THE FLOOD in Illinois!

Peter Mills and Cara Reichel offer a stark and stirring portrayal of courage and conviction in "The Flood." This study of the anticipation and aftermath of a natural disaster features down-to-earth dialogue and situations that give the show a slice-of-life quality rarely found in the musical theatre genre.


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