Iron Curtain

Book by Susan DiLallo
Music by Stephen Weiner
Lyrics by Peter Mills

presented by Prospect Theater Company
at the West End Theater, New York City.
April 8 - 30, 2006.

Bethe B. Austin, Dominic Roberts (replacement), Larry Brustofski, Maria Couch, Amber Dow, Jeff Edgerton, Jessica Grové, David S. Miller, Marcus Neville, Dara Seitzman, Doug Shapiro, Robby Sharpe, Rich Silverstein, Gordon Stanley, Brad York

Directed by Cara Reichel
Music Directed by Daniel Feyer
Choreography by Christine O'Grady
Lighting Design by Stephen Arnold
Costume Design by Sidney Shannon
Stage Managed by Shani Murfin

Jeff Edgerton and Marcus Neville


Oh, there's nothing like a good old-fashioned musical comedy! The jokes, the innocence, the happy endings, the easy-on-the-ear tuneful melodies! Nothing else can put such a grin on one's face, nothing else can make you forget your troubles and make the world seem a-ok. And nothing else I've seen in New York this season quite captures the spirit of an old-fashioned musical comedy like Iron Curtain... Peter Mills' lyrics, once again, would make Cole Porter wonder "Why didn't I rhyme that?"

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