IRON CURTAIN:  Demo Recording

Act 1

Overture / Oh, Kostroma (Ensemble)

The Pitch
(Howard, Murray, Producer)

The Sorriest Team Around (Howard, Murray, Shirley)

The Ministry Of Musical Persuasion (Onanov, Schmearnov, Ensemble)

Missing (Shirley, Cop)

Life In The Lapov Luxury
(Schmearnov, Ensemble) 

Harvest Moon (Threshing Maidens, Masha, Murray, Howard, Ensemble)

Missing Reprise (Shirley)

We'll Make It
(Howard, Murray, Masha, Onanov, Ensemble)

The Party Line (Schmearnov, Masha, Hildret, Onanov)

Act One Finale (Company, except Shirley)

Act 2

That's Capital (Company, except Shirley)

Half A World Away
(Howard, Murray)

Five Year Plan (Murray, Masha)

A Frau Divided

If Not For Musicals (Onanov, Ensemble)

Eleven O' Clock Number (Company)

Finale (Company, except Masha)